Over $50 in bonuses for you, FREE. I want you to join me.

Over $50 in bonuses for you, FREE. I want you to join me.

In my 20+ year food career, I’ve developed over 2,000 recipes.

But I won’t write a cookbook.

All you have to do is Google, Pinterest, or YouTube recipes and you’ll find a myriad of different ideas – so many it will make your head swim. The problem is, most cookbooks don’t really teach you how to eat the right way. It’s like getting a map and not really knowing why you’re going there.

What I’ve discovered is, the real way to adopt a clean eating lifestyle is to understand the habits of highly successful eaters, then add the science of how to balance nutrients and turn your body into a supercharged, metabolic dynamo. And I bottled that up into a turnkey program that you can make your lifestyle for good. It’s the Eat Cleaner Meal Prep Club.


It’s not a diet. It’s not a quick fix.

It’s not a food prison where you have to eat tofu everyday.

(Sorry tofu lovers, no offense)


No guessing on how much of each type of food to eat. No wondering how many carbs you’re getting. No more wondering what to make. No being a slave to the scale, and the kitchen. We’ve done all the work and the math for you in this chef-designed, dietician balanced program that will actually save you money on groceries.

In honor of March and National Nutrition Month, I want to offer you our Eat Cleaner Meal Prep Club at a highly discounted price with a few special bonuses just for you, since you are part of our family. Here’s what you get:


  1. The 12-week meal prep program for only $49.99 (regular price is $297!).

    This includes a weekly calendar, shopping list, perfectly balanced meal combinations and corresponding recipes. You’ll get each week for 12 weeks delivered to your in-box. unnamed

  2. An Eat Cleaner Starter Kit, a $30 value, FREE.

    This includes a bottle of our award-winning, lab proven Eat Cleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wash Spray, Concentrate Refill and two packs of our 32-ct. Biodegradable Wipes in our very green reusable, insulated lunch tote, so you can meal prep like a pro and snack smart when you’re on the go.unnamed (2)

  3. You’ll become part of our exclusive Facebook accountability group ONLY for Meal Prep Clubbers.

    I will PERSONALLY help coach you and answer any questions you have about the meal plans, preparation and your personal questions. I have a vested interest in your success! (I don’t even offer one-on-one consultations at any price, so this one is invaluable).unnamed (3)

  4. You will receive two free ebooks – my Clean Eating Handbook and the Clean and Lean 15 – an over $25 value.unnamed (1)

  5. Access to our video library of meal prep tips, hacks and habits to help you do it effortlessly.

    You’ll also be invited to our live streaming video on Facebook

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So, for an investment of less than two dimes a day, you reap the benefits of health and clean eating that will last a lifetime. YES!!!

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I invite you to take advantage of this and sign up today. The offer ends on Tuesday, 3/15 – the Ides of March.

Our exclusive group will officially kick off on 3/18 so don’t miss out! Invite an accountability partner and they’ll get the same sweet deal.


I hope to see you on the cleaner side!


With love and gratitude,

Mareya, The Fit Foodie

Eat Cleaner inventor and Founder of eatcleaner.com


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