Our avoFresh Helps Guacamole Last Up to 21 Days in successful Third-Party Lab Test

Our avoFresh Helps Guacamole Last Up to 21 Days in successful Third-Party Lab Test

IT's about time to start bragging'

Our avoFresh did It again! A very recent third-party lab test confirms that our avoFresh has successfully helped Guacamole last up to 21 days.

AGOURA HILLS, CALIF. – Say goodbye to browning avocados and the landfill waste that goes with it. Now, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food service companies and home chefs alike can keep the ‘green gold’ fresh, green and safe to eat with our avoFresh™, a blend of organic certified minerals and vitamins that prevent oxidation and the yeast, mold and coliform bacteria that can result from aging food.

In a recent 21-day test, guacamole treated with avoFresh™ held with no organoleptic change, and yeast, mold and coliform bacteria remained at >10, the lowest range possible when evaluating food products. The lab test was completed by Food Microbiological Labs in Cypress, California.

It’s as though you just cut the avocado yesterday, it’s so good looking and fresh, so we are very pleased with the results,” commented Mareya Ibrahim, Founder and CEO, eatCleaner®. “As a company, we have been dedicated to food safety and freshness solutions for over a decade, and now, with the rise in popularity of avocados and other fresh cut produce, this is a viable solution for anyone looking to create a clean label product without the need for preservatives or artificial ingredients. And the flavor of avoFresh™ mimics the taste of citrus and salt, which leaves using those seasonings optional,” added Ibrahim.

The average shelf life for homemade guacamole is 2-4 days and store bought guacamole is roughly 7 days, depending on the ingredients. Our avoFresh™ can offer 300-500%+ additional shelf life to guacamole, saving processors money and keeping food out of landfills. According to the USDA, about 83% of waste comes from homes, food service companies, retailers and restaurants. avoFresh™ can help eliminate millions of pounds of waste in the US alone annually.

avoFresh™ is available in an individual-use packet for the home chef, which treats about 1 1/4 cup or 3 medium avocados, and in a bulk 50 lb. bag for food processors, retailers and food service companies.

eatCleaner® offers a full line of patented, lab proven and organic products for home and food service use, including produce washes, wipes and anti-browning products for cut produce, including avocados, apples, melons and berries.

For more information on eatCleaner® food safety and freshness solutions, lab tests and specs, please contact eatCleaner at info@eatcleaner.com.

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