No Fake News, Just Real Forking Change

No Fake News, Just Real Forking Change

EP 67 of Recipes For Your Best Life Podcast – Hear the whole episode HERE

Are you forking kidding me? There was a news article the other day where a woman disclaimed, she can survive without food and water. No, please no. Our food on the plate is there for a good reason. You nurture our body and soul, bring us joy and keep us balanced- physically and mentally healthy. Are we what we eat? Cheap and easy or healthy and strong? In today’s episode of Recipes For Your Best Life, Mareya speaks about re-training your tastebuds and finally deciding on how you can improve your overall life quality by just making smart swaps. Enjoy!

1:02 Spice up your plateful with using Panasonic oven for your next recipe

2:38 Fake news alert: Can you survive with just air?

4:25 So, everything on Instagram is true?

5:46 Great food and your health go hand-in-hand

6:11 Are you what you eat? Cheap, easy?

7:52 Give a fork what you put in your mouth

10:12 You can train your body to stomach anything

11:00 Your joy factor goes up when you do THIS

17:08 Don’t sacrifice, just improve it = SMART SWAP

18:25 Think about your relationship with food & make friends.

19:28 Pay attention to the primary principle – nutrition is worth the gold

20:40 Have you really noticed these essential components?

22:15 The reset will not happen overnight- it takes time and self-love

23:52 The best time to start was yesterday

TEXT: 22828 “Fit Foodie” and get a free copy of “Happy Hormones” pdf


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