My Journey to Wellness by Margie Floris

My Journey to Wellness by Margie Floris

My Journey to Wellness – Margie Floris

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In 2018, I felt like my world was falling apart.

My family moved to California from our comfortable, settled life in NJ to start my second company with my long-time business partner. For 10 years, she and I ran a very successful business together – until suddenly we were drowning. The business was a sinking ship that could not be saved.

The reality of losing everything that I worked my whole life for was more than I could manage on my own. For 25 years, I had suffered from panic attacks and anxiety and as a result had been on the prescription medication rollercoaster. You name it, I was taking it; Klonopin, Xanax, Ambien, even Adderall. I was at my breaking point just hoping that it would help me deal with the immense pressure I was feeling. All I wanted to do was hide under my bed and disappear.

On one of my usual sleepless nights of thinking, panicking and crying I realized that the medications I was taking weren’t helping. I wasn’t feeling better, and I wasn’t sleeping. I felt like I was actually starting to LOSE my memory. I was still extremely anxious unless I took 2 or even 3 Xanax and a glass of wine! I realized that I had to change my life and be present for my family. I needed to start taking care of my health and knew that this lifestyle was not sustainable.

This epiphany led me to research the benefits of CBD. Living in Southern California, CBD was becoming more readily available and the entrepreneur and product developer in me started to take note. I dove into researching reputable brands and the efficacy of the products that were in the marketplace, both for my health and for my curiosity as a businesswoman. But as I began to experiment with dosing CBD tincture oils, and taking gummies I felt frustrated that I was not experiencing the amazing benefits that I was reading about.

The moment that changed everything for me was meeting the incredible Diana Starr Langely (Google her!) Diana had just opened a lab in Santa Barbara County with her business partner Kalon, an expert in Water-Soluble Nanotechnology. Water-Soluble Nanotechnology has a long successful history in the pharmaceutical industry and Diana and Kalon were applying to CBD.

The first time I tasted their CBD I almost immediately felt my body and mind begin to relax. I was completely shocked at not only how I felt, but also how quickly my body responded to this type of CBD. In that moment, I knew I needed to dive into this industry and develop an assortment of products with this technology.

What does (Infused by Epic™) Water-Soluble NanoTechnology mean in a nutshell? The hemp oil is mixed with emulsifiers and converted into droplets that measure below 50 nanometers. For reference, each of our red blood cells measure at 5,000 nanometers, so these droplets are REALLY small – and that is what makes them so effective! When we take a regular oil tincture, aside from the fact that we never know how much to take and that taking the oil is usually not the best experience, the oils get digested through your GI Tract. Our Water-Soluble Nano CBD goes directly into your bloodstream, allowing your body to feel the effects of the CBD 5-10 times faster with a much higher bioavailability. Less is more, because you are retaining a much higher percentage of CBD in each dose that you take!

It’s really important for me to create and offer products that are not only ethically sourced and manufactured, but that are easy to dose. I love that our AQUA SHOTS are exactly 10 mg, in fact, every time they are tested they actually yield more than the 10mg. Plus our AQUA SHOTS easily and very homogeneously blend into any drink, allowing you to add this to your coffee, water, tea, juice without affecting the taste and with zero oil residue showing up in your glass.

Our BATH BOOSTERS are incredible because essential oils are converted into water soluble nanoparticles as well and are seamlessly mixed with our CBD for the ultimate relaxation and recovery bath experience.

Skin Care is very important to me as I tend to have eczema flare ups, making my skin super sensitive and inflamed. The BODY BOOSTER spray is a companion to the BATH BOOSTERS, again including these wonderful Rose and Lavender Essential Oils with our Full Spectrum CBD. This is our newest product addition and has quickly become a fan favorite! It’s wonderful relaxing essence and soothing benefits make your skin ultra-soft and give your face a beautiful glow when used as a setting spray for your makeup.

2020 has been an almost unreal experience for all of us, creating so much chaos, uncertainty, anxiety and fear. My mission is to continue to create and offer products that help people deal just a little bit better with their day to day struggles and feel the incredible benefits that CBD has to offer.

Realizing the benefits of these products and what they can do to help me and the world, I’ve found my passion again. I don’t want to hide and disappear! I want to shout from the rooftops and tell everyone that there is HOPE and that the Sun always rises. I will end with this fitting quote – “Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” – LAO TZU


Enter Coupon Code: eatcleaner15
for 15% off your purchase at Aqueous Wellness


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