Mommy Reset Program on Fox 5 News San Diego

Mommy Reset Program on Fox 5 News San Diego

10-Day Mommy Reset Do you have too much to do and feel like there is not enough time to do it? Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Do you feel exhausted and stressed? If this is you, then you must check out our 10-Day Mommy Reset Program, which was featured on Fox 5 San Diego yesterday. Even Fox 5 San Diego news anchor, Shally Zomorodi, is signing up to de-clutter her life!

Fox 5 News San Diego Anchor

Lisa Druxman, Founder and Creator of Fit4mom and Mareya Ibrahim, Founder and Creator of Eat Cleaner developed the program and are helping women – MOMS, just like you – with an easy-to-follow, 10-day video and newsletter program designed to help you refocus, re-energize, and redefine the areas that are weighing you down.

The 10-Day Mommy Reset Program will help you create a personalized plan to help you thrive in your life.

  • Regain Focus
  • Declutter Your Life
  • Clean Up Your Food
  • Prep Ahead
  • Get Fitness Savvy
  • Become a Mindful Mama
  • Put Habits into Practice

Things you can do to declutter in life include:

– Getting rid of the post-its and using smartphone apps to organize appointment, notes and important documents, like Evernote, Awesome Note and Google.

– Declutter your life by attacking a problem area like your closet and pick off one project a week. If you haven’t worn or used it in 6 months, donate it! Take before and after pics and post them with #mommyreset so we can repost!

– Use baskets to organize items by category in your closet. It will make it easier to find things when like-items are grouped.

– Purge your Pantry: In your kitchen, go through your pantry and get rid of anything that has the following ingredients: artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners; sodium benzoate; hydrogenated oil; monosodium glutamate; bleached flour; white sugar

Mighty Rice

– Stock up with the good stuff: Clean is key – free of artificial ingredients with a high nutrition content – and the less processed, the better! Replenish your pantry with foods that feed you to the core. High quality oils (avocado, grapseed, extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil); antibiotic and hormone free meats and dairy items; superfoods like hemp, flax and chia seed; oats; single ingredient grains like Mighty Rice, which is a low glycemic, responsibly grown brand of rice; and TONS of fresh produce, washed with Eat Cleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wash to help it last up to 5x longer. You can also stock up with ‘smart swaps’ so you don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love. Instead of plain ole’ corn chips, try Way Better Snacks, non-GMO chips and crackers made with nutrient dense ingredients. Instead of sugary cereals, we’re fans of Van’s Foods cereals and gluten-free pastas instead of the stuff made with bleached flour.

Mareya and Lisa asked new mom, Heather, of a 4 month old baby boy, why she just signed up for the 10-Day Mommy Reset Program, and here’s what she had to say…

Heather and Luc

While pregnant, I totally went through the ‘nesting’ phase towards the end, where I felt like I need to clean and organize every nook and cranny of my home and, well although I didn’t get everything done, I still got some places in the house organized that I originally planned on, assuming I would find the time while the baby naps to do the rest. Fast-forward to almost 4 months later, I feel all over the place and that these days, no day is the same. I need to create a new schedule, new routine, and find the time to get everything I want to get done in a given day, including taking care of my baby, taking care of my husband, taking care of the house, while still and probably most important, making time and taking care of ME. I can’t wait to start the 10-Day Mommy Reset Program to help me figure all of this out; I am hoping that I will finally get to organizing some of those hidden places that no one really knows how cluttered they are, but me, and that I can make a daily schedule for myself that works for me and allows me to do everything I need to do around the house, for my baby, and even make time to get back on a workout routine! I am going to get my neighbor mommies on board with me so we can encourage each other every step of the way!

Ladies, you heard it from a new mommy herself, and it just goes to show that not everyone has their life in complete, tip-top shape. So what you are waiting for? Sign up today and start the program!

You’ll get 7 videos, tips, tools and invaluable guidance from two super busy CEO moms who have made it their mission to keep you healthy from head to toe – from focus to food, fitness to mindfulness – and the best part is, it’s completely FREE!


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