Lisa Druxman: Why It Takes Baby Steps to Get Your Health Running - The Real Dish Episode 16

Lisa Druxman: Why It Takes Baby Steps to Get Your Health Running - The Real Dish Episode 16


Find out why it takes baby steps to get your health running with Lisa Druxman.

Tune in to Episode 16 of The Real Dish!!

In this episode of The Real Dish, I break down how the baby steps get your health running in the right direction with Lisa Druxman, known as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world of health and wellness.

Nationally recognized as an expert in the field of fitness, particularly pre and postnatal, mompreneur Lisa Druxman is the creator of FIT4MOM®. Her programs such as Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back are all part of the Fit4Mom family. The FIT4MOM franchise has consistently been ranked by numerous publications as one of the fastest growing franchises in the country. Lisa has created one of the top companies for moms to work for according to Working Mother magazine.


Lisa Druxman is a mom on a mission! It is her hope to inspire all moms to live a healthier life.



Listen while you’re getting ready in the morning, on your way to work or exercising – it’s food for thought you can really sink your teeth into. For more information, check out The Real Dish.

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<00:00:07> Mareya:

Hi I am so excited to talk to you! It’s been forever and a day and it shouldn’t be I’m on this ranch right now I have to be honest and I think it’s just it’s been fuelled by all of these years of hearings excuses and, you know, I’m just I feel like we can make such a big change if we each adopt this mentality of, you know, everything that we put in our mouths everything that we do affects our health. And so with everything that you’ve done with your fit firm on community, what do you think helps them get into that mindset too? Because they are the queens of their households, right? There what they do leads the way, and you were leading them. So what have you been able to do to empower them to embrace this whole idea of eating better?

<00:01:01> Lisa:

You know I think motherhood is a great gift and responsibility because I believe so much in the power of moms. I believe that moms are the catalysts for change in their family and what they do for themselves will create an incredible ripple effect on the next generations. And so for a mom to learn how to take care of her own health and that’s everything from how she exercises and moves her body and meditates and takes care of her spirit. And especially how she feels her body, it’s a gift for herself because she’s going to feel stronger and better and healthier. But it’s how your kids are going to learn. You are their model mom. So I think that that’s a really big focus for a mom is we are taking care of moms, we’re raising healthy moms, so that they can raise healthy kids in a healthy world.

<00:02:00> Mareya:

Amen. And it was cool because I came to your big national event where you brought all of your fit for Mom franchisees in and I know that that was a big message for you guys was next to the exercise was the pillar of nutrition. So how are you leading that charge? You know, kind of a new initiative with your team? What kind of tools are you giving them to empower them to do that?

<00:02:24> Lisa:

Yeah, I mean it’s funny, we’ve always been known as a fitness company but I believe that you can’t have, and it’s true, it’s not even a belief, that you cannot have total health if you’re not eating the right foods. You can exercise all day long but you truly are what you eat. And I can’t even believe I’m saying this but I think that 80% is nutrition. And so for us it’s really about education, we don’t focus on calorie counting and weighing a certain amount or a certain size; we focus on getting moms to learn how real natural food is the best medicine in the world. And unfortunately, what you might think is real natural food could still be filled with pesticides and GMOs so we’re really just working on educating moms to understand. and you I are always on the same page and I lean towards you to make sure we’re learning like what ingredients are absolute No’s like no high fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated fats. And we’re really wanting moms to understand like why I’d rather see them spend $8 on organic eggs than $6 on a Starbucks latte. like it kills me when people are like, “I don’t want to spend that much on organic eggs!” and I’m like, “but you’ll spend that much at Starbucks without even thinking about it?” we have to take care of our health. I think that I would rather spend money on food – good food – than anything else. I’d rather that than the best of fashion.

<00:03:59> Mareya:

Hmm did you hear that everybody? It’s really about priorities. You just nailed it. because I think there’s always a perception, even when you know budget isn’t at the forefront for people, but even you know, there’s this perception that eating clean has to mean expensive. So you know, what have you done.. Let me ask you this, has there been anybody that’s shown resistance in your group? Or you’re like you know this is so easy to do let me show you how to do it. Besides you know it’s saying OK picked this over that, like how do you get them over the hump? Because there were a lot of veggie-haters out there. Let’s face it. You know, if we if we were raised eating mushy green beans out of it can our perception of fruit or a vegetable is going to be really cute.

<00:04:51> Lisa

I mean the resistance is strong. We’re talking right now when Star Wars is about to come out and the resistance is strong, my friend! We teach, we have a program called LEAN, which is “learn eating awareness & nutrition”, and the biggest focus is on the brain. Because it’s our brain that is holding us back. And it’s our brain that has these beliefs, you know, eating healthy can’t be good. And so, we need to re-train our brain. And to understand how a lot of these foods are tricking us. And so we work on helping moms tap into their natural intuition about food. And what I mean by that is pick up a banana; a banana is like the most perfect fruit like it even comes with its own wrapper and if you have a craving for banana, you eat it. And then you’re done. You don’t have a need to keep eating bananas. I’ve never met anyone who’s binged on bananas. Except for monkeys. But you take a food like Oreos, I hope it’s okay if I had mentioned a brand name, but any packaged, processed food, and you keep eating, and eating, and eating. Those food manufacturers are absolutely designing food in a way that doesn’t tap into your body’s natural intuition.

And so helping moms reconnect with that and as far as to overcome resistance, instead of focusing on what you can’t have, focus on what you want to add in to your diet. And I know that something you and I are both big advocates on is that small baby steps will get you anywhere that you want to go. I am all about better choices, so rather than changing everything at once, I think that is one of the hard things about health change is when people want to lose weight or get healthy. You and I can name 50 things that you could do, like you eat more vegetables, they could eat smaller portion sizes, they could drink more water, they could remove sugar, I mean the list goes on and on. And the challenge is that people try to do all of that. And no wonder we fail. That is just too overwhelming. so instead, every time you go for a snack or a meal, just say, “How can I make this a better choice than I made before?” maybe it’s a few bites less, maybe I’m going to add a vegetable or a fruit, maybe I’m going to have a little less sugar. And those small changes will create huge results! Maybe not tomorrow, or maybe not in a week, but if you did that every single day, you’ll be pretty happy one year from now of how those changes. It’s like compound interest in a bank. It’s going to add up.

One of my very favorite books is called “The Slight Edge” and I love this book so much I actually paid my son to read it. The only book I ever paid him to read, because I think that the premise is life changing. It’s not just about food and the idea is that every choice you make is adding up. It’s either making you closer to your goal or away from it. Everything. So when you choose to get on Facebook instead of work, or whatever it might be. I believe he says, and I haven’t calculated it, a third of a percent a day, you will improve 100% in a year, so any mathematician figure out the real math because I probably messed that up. It’s less than a percent a day; I think it’s maybe 2/3 of a percent. So I’m asking you listeners, can you commit to improving 2/3 of 1% a day? Like yeah, you can totally do that!

<00:08:46> Mareya

Yeah, you know small steps definitely make a huge difference. We can’t eat the elephant in one bite. So ok, I know, because you’ve shared pictures with me, that you’ve gotten your kids really involved in the kitchen, especially your daughter. I mean was that something that came naturally for her? or you know, how did her interest piqued because, I think the more that we can encourage getting our kids into the kitchen with us, the more we really helped to build these great habits firsthand with them, that build a lifetime of clean eating right?

<00:08:46> Mareya

Yeah, you know small steps definitely make a huge difference. We can’t eat the elephant in one bite. So ok, I know, because you’ve shared pictures with me, that you’ve gotten your kids really involved in the kitchen, especially your daughter. I mean was that something that came naturally for her? or you know, how did her interest piqued because, I think the more that we can encourage getting our kids into the kitchen with us, the more we really helped to build these great habits firsthand with them, that build a lifetime of clean eating right?

<00:09:15> Lisa

I agree and I’m going to share the good and I’m going to share their resistance too because I don’t want to create a painted picture, perfect view that doesn’t exist. And it was always important to me that my kids were brought up eating healthy. From the moment I was pregnant I ate healthier than I ever did because I still believed that these were the building blocks of these beautiful children. And for them to be strong and healthy. and so my kids were absolutely brought up on, you know, whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains and, you know, I was that mom at the first birthday who didn’t do birthday cake. And primate like some whole grain mud or something like that. But I just felt like I’m going to keep it away from them as long as I can. So they’ve been brought up eating very healthy. We’ve always had dinner together as a family which I know you and I both feel is super important. I have involved them where we’ve always had small gardens, I mean, small like I’m not a green thumb but like berries and carrots and whatnot. And I’ve always had them involved no matter how messy. So that they couldn’t see where their food came from and they’ve always eaten better when they eat it right out of the dirt and like they made it.

So those are some of the good things that I think are important. I think it’s important to involve them. I think it’s important to ask when you’re planning your meals for the week like, “Ok, what does everybody want?” when they were younger we did this thing called.. Where we said “Who Wants to Be the Little Chef for the Week?” or for the day. And so when you are the little chef it meant that now but if you’re a little chef then you got to pick what we’re going to make and you helped me make it. And so that was kind of the honor of getting to pick was you had it you help me make it. So they’ve always been pretty involved in the kitchen. Jacob was even really proud of himself that he created; I mean it was so awesome. I wish he was still in to cooking now, he’s 14 now but, he was very into cooking. he created his own recipe that he called “Green something pizza” and it was basically a frittata and like he made the recipe and I still have the card for it and we tweaked it a little bit at first he wanted to put sugar in it. I didn’t really get that but once we omitted the sugar it was actually awesome and it was something that we made regularly. And it was like I’d pull out his recipe card and he was so proud of it. I will I will find Jacobs recipe card. He would be very proud. but I also want to share the resistance and that is as the kids got older and went to elementary school and middle school and sports, they’re like, “Mom, I want to eat Doritos. I want to eat the foods I see my friends eating.” And that was so sad to me because I have other, you know, every family is different. I have other friends who have raised their kids healthy and the kids have bought in. and so it made me sad and realized, “God my kids are still not getting, how this can harm their body and slow them down.” and so knowing that the mind is so powerful I’m really trying to build their minds to it. They feel like it’s their choice because if they feel deprived it’s just going to make them want it more.

So one example of that was we were at Disneyland and, believe it or not, Disneyland actually has some very healthy choices now. So Jason and I got like these roasted vegetable salads and they were great. It was like with millet, it was wonderful. And I swear to you what I’m about to say is true; my son wanted a burger with macaroni and cheese on it. Like just hearing that makes me get nausea and vomit in my mouth and my first reaction was, “God, no!” and Jason goes, “No, let him have it. Let him make that choice.” so he had that. It killed me while I ate my salad. Within five minutes, he was so sick and he’s like, “Oh my god mom I feel so gross.” Jason and I felt great we went and got a Dole Whip and we went on some rides. He felt sick for hours, I guarantee you he will never ever think of ordering that again. And so when he feels that way, rather than a lecture something like that, we’re just like just tap into this. Just remember how that kind of food makes you feel. And so we’re very connected on how food makes you feel one. of my favorite things we did with the kids growing up, with something called snap cards, and I think I’ve introduced you to Carrie, who created those, at SNAP cards and they’re the cutest flash cards because I realized quickly that my kids didn’t care about carbohydrates and protein and fat so what she created with these cards where their flash cards, where it’s mover foods, brain foods, sludge like for the macaroni and cheese burger would be sledge. And so like if my daughter, she is a much pickier eater. If she doesn’t like what I made for dinner, I don’t make a second dinner. but if she doesn’t like the protein let’s say that I made, I’ll say, “Okay go get yourself another muscle food.” and she knows to go get a hard-boiled egg out of the fridge or some turkey or something like that. So that was another thing that we did kind of teach our kids about food and fuel. Or

<00:15:23> Lisa

It’s funny Maria I had a client, who has through our body back program, totally changed her diet and she’s eating so clean and she had, if you want to call it a “cheat” or whatever, she is succumbed to some holiday eating right now. She went to a holiday party and she’s like, “Oh my god! I have felt gross for two days ever since!” and she goes, “See that’s the downside eating so clean is that you

feel so bad.” I said, “No I need you to flip that, I need you to realize most people who don’t eat clean feel bad every single day and don’t know it.” we live in a state of maybe you’re not sick but that’s not health. So most people feel gross don’t have the energy, don’t have the stamina, everything, that vibrancy, that to thrive. That’s how you feel when you eat every day. So yes when you go off of it you feel like crap but realize that when you eat like that regularly, you just, you never feel good and you’re not even realizing it. You live in a fog.

<00:17:16> Lisa

I’m not, I am so sticking with it and it’s just how we live. If your kids want the Doritos, or whatever the case may be, don’t see it as that you failed because they are absorbing more than you realize. Like my mother-in-law took the kids, she took the kids funny enough to a burger place and both my kids ordered a salad. And she’s like, “What? What’s going on here?” and the kids were like, “Yeah know what we had you know a heavy breakfast or something like that and just don’t want it.” like they wanted that on their own. Grandma was taking them for burgers so it is absorbing more than yeah she’s like, “What have you done to these children?” but they did that on their own! I would have been fine if they got burgers. So I guess what I am saying is they’re absorbing more than you realize. And you know you keep the lessons positive and you just help them understand how food is fuel. You know what I mean like you want to do great on that test you’re going into today, here would be a great breakfast to get your brain working. You want to make the goal in soccer, here is great food that will help you run faster and be focused. So I just believe so much in the power of food.

<00:18:40> Mareya

What would be your number one tip to get people started on this path? What is the number one thing they can do? Small step.

<00:18:57.09> Lisa

Small step. I believe that success begets success. So I would say pick one thing that you believe you will be successful with and stick with it for a week or two to make it a habit. Usually I have by now, waters one of the first things that most of us are dehydrated and I find that that’s actually a pretty easy thing to change in your life. you and I both have so many different tricks to get your water in. whether you fill up a jar with the right amount at the beginning of the day and a variety of other little things, so pick one habit that you really want to work on, make it a habit get some success and then figure out what the next habit is that you want to work on.

<00:19:41> Mareya

You have a cool little trick where you’ll get a bottle and you use a dry-erase marker and you write on it? Can you talk about that?

<00:19:52> Lisa

Yeah I have done so many different things and it’s funny because, you know, once in a while I go, “Oh yeah I’m not getting as much water as I should.” I know how many you know cups of water that I need to drink a day and it depends on how much you’re exercising so for most of us you know the general always eight-ounce glasses. But it might be more depending on how much you’re

exercising and the environment that you’re in. and so every time I fill my cup up I just take a dry erase marker and do a little hash mark and so I know that I need to fill it up a certain amount of times a day so it just helps me track how much water I’m actually getting in.

<00:20:51> Mareya

So okay. Your favorite meal? It doesn’t have to be super clean. But what would be your favorite meal?

<00:20:59> Lisa

I am a breakfast eater. I love breakfast and I will be honest to tell you I eat eggs almost every day, six days a week. We go through Costco like people think that we’re a market they’re like, “Oh do you have a restaurant?” like one of my favorite meals is I make a really good egg burrito. My egg burrito and a cup of coffee I love it with some turkey in it, spinach, avocado, a little bit of pesto. Love my egg burritos.

I could get I can get an egg thing done in a couple minutes. I mean regularly, like if it’s not an egg burrito, like my kids just love eggs with a little bit of chopped turkey and drop a pesto on the top and then like ridiculous amount avocados, we eat too.

Thank you so much. You’re part of my tribe for sure. Go to com, it’s fit and then the number 4, mom dot com. we’d love to have any of your followers follow us and join us in any class. We have classes for every stage of motherhood. You know follow our blog connect with us, if you want to become an instructor or franchisee, would love to have you all part of our village. More than just fitness, it’s your village.

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