Lettuce RAWK Your World with Jenny Ross

Lettuce RAWK Your World with Jenny Ross

You already know that fresh produce is an important part of your diet but do you know that cooking it and other ingredients can destroy the natural enzymes and nutrients that are meant to help your health?

Tune in to Episode 9 of The Real Dish, as Jenny Ross, the Queen of Raw Food, Rawks Our World.


In Episode 9 of The Real Dish, I interview internationally renowned raw food expert, and cookbook author, Jenny Ross to share her knowledge and insights on the healing powers of raw foods and making it a habit – even if its just one meal a day.


As a fellow Daniel Plan chef, I’ve learned a lot from Jenny and her approach is simple, sophisticated and so attainable. She helps reveal the techniques to introduce it into your everyday diet and how to get the kiddos on board so that you can all become rawkstars.

Purchase her cooking, Raw Basics, on Amazon and transform into a fit foodie rawkstar with me!


Visit Jenny Ross Living Foods for cooking classes, recipes, and more! Be sure to follow Jenny Ross on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

The Real Dish – Episode 9

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