How To Properly Wash Strawberries

How To Properly Wash Strawberries

This is HOW TO ACTUALLY WASH YOUR BERRIES to remove pesticides and actually remove the đź’© and keep them fresh up to 21 days!! We have the DATA!!

Here’s the true, lab proven way to wash your berries and remove over 99.9% of the residue that can make you sick including pesticides, agricultural chemicals, and filth.

To make the washing easier we love using this Collapsible Produce Washing Bin. Simply fill it up and use 1 tablespoon of our Food Grade Wash Powder to wash all these berries, and it only takes one minute. You’ve got one minute and this @eatcleaner bag will last you about a year!

👩🏻‍🍳Don’t come at me with vinegar, baking soda, salt, or any of those combos. There’s no real lab data to support any of these homemade concoctions and water is not a cleaner, fitfam.



With our eatCleaner 3lb Wash Powder, you can WASH up to 3,000 LBS. OF PRODUCE WITH EACH BAG! Each Stand-Up Pouch includes one 2-oz scoop.

On the journey from field to table, fresh produce can be sprayed, waxed and touched by over 30 sets of hands. eatCleaner® is a patented food-grade wash lab proven to also extend shelf life of fresh food up to 5x longer, and is now available in a convenient and cost-effective powder form. eatCleaner can effectively enhance food safety and freshness and can be used in any sized kitchen. It’s perfect for juice bars, restaurants, cafes, food trucks, processing facilities, schools and the home kitchen. Won’t change the way food tastes or smells and enhances visual appearance dramatically.

The lab-proven way to cleaner, safer, longer- lasting produce – naturally.

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