How to Get Your Life Back After Disaster Hits

I met Kelly at Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy Conference this year and I knew there was something really special about her mission. As a single mom myself, it’s never something we go into marriage thinking will happen, that our perfect dream of being in a committed relationship with the person we’ve entered into wedlock with forever might fall apart. Sometimes it happens, and often times, if not always, it’s devastating in one way, shape or form.

It’s how you decide to recover from it that matters, and that’s why Kelly’s message is so important. It’s not about perfection. It’s about prioritization, and you can’t put the oxygen mask on anyone if you are not taking care of yourself.

I hope you read it and share your feelings about how you will commit to investing in your own health and well being so you can be the shining light that you are!


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Life feels like it has fallen apart. Divorce or single motherhood was not on your list of things you wanted to accomplish in life. Dreams and goals you set out for yourself and your children seem impossible now. The world hates you and you hate it. Negativity seems to swarm every movement you make, every thought that flows through your mind, every word you utter.

I remember what this felt like. My daughter will be 6 years old this coming August 2016, and my ex-husband and I split within about 6 months of her being born. I was massively overweight, short sale my home, eventually moved in with my parents, finances were in ruin and my career was not strong enough to handle the new demands of my life. I was scared, and rightfully so.

But something started to change. I knew life had no choice but to get better, I was living in hell afterall. I put my infant daughter to bed in her crib and I stood there and cried. I cried hard and for a very long time. I told her, out loud, that I vowed to be strong and the best mom I could be for her. I was going to make sure she has a fantastic life and I knew it started with me. So, I got to work, revamping my lifestyle and suddenly things started to change for the better.

The most important lifestyle changes I made that has contributed to my happy and successful life are the following:

  1. Fitness, health and nutrition: Taking care of your nutrition and loving yourself enough to prioritize your health. This isn’t selfish! It’s a necessity, so you can support the ones around you that need your love and strength.
  2. Personal development: I can’t stress enough how important investing in yourself is to your rebuilding. Listening to positive podcasts, reading books and taking classes that help you focus on your own amazing talents.
  3. Self-Love: Not beating yourself up time and time again. If you live in the past and wonder what you did wrong or could have done differently, you will miss out on the ultimate gift – the present. It’s the here and now that matters, and you will grow to love yourself more each minute with the right focus.
  4. Rebuilding of my tribe: Why do we often want to recede into ourselves like a turtle when things get tough? Don’t forget your village. It takes a community of people to support each other through rough and smooth seas. It is not a sign of weakness to lean on others – quite the opposite.
  5. Uncompromising work ethic: You can decide to drown in sorrow, sadness and anguish or channel that into pure productivity. Let it fuel your fire and passion for building your business, excelling at work and thriving along the way.

Thinking back about life during the hard times is painful. It took me a very long time to learn how to smile. But I am happy and thriving now, and so is my incredible daughter. I have a thriving career, live an active and healthy life style, My finances are stronger, I purchased my first home alone and I give back to my community any chance I get.

I’m passionate about talking to my hard working, single mom, incredibly passionate and loving family. You are my people and together we can tackle this crazy thing called life! Together, we can inspire each of us to go after our dreams, turn them into reality, and know that our past needs to stay right there, in the past!

In love,

Kelly Quittenton

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