5 life saving tips to make sure your food is safe. My interview with Chalene Johnson

Last week it was apples. This week it’s frozen smoothie blends. There are more listeria outbreaks being reported and it’s that much more important for us to really think before we bite.

This interview with Chalene Johnson for her award winning “Best of iTunes” podcast THE CHALENE SHOW is a public service announcement. What you will learn is that there are 5 key places where food safety is of the utmost importance, and your diligence to recognizing this is essential to your family’s health. Please take the 30 minutes to listen and share this podcast with the people you love. It could save their lives.
The most important places to understand where food safety can be an issue is:
1) Your sink
2) Juice/smoothie bars
3) Salad bars
4) Sushi bars
5) Farmer’s markets
Listen to the podcast and read about it HERE
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