How a Vegan Lifestyle Saved This Well-Known Reporter's Life

How a Vegan Lifestyle Saved This Well-Known Reporter's Life


What happens when a health scare prompts a family intervention? This is what
happened to renowned broadcaster, news reporter and anchor, Rich Everitt. Growing up in the south, Rich never looked at a menu. When it was time to order, it was always “steak and a big baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream.” Leading a hectic life on the road covering life changing news stories and interviewing every actor and world leader you could think of forged the path to a less-than-healthy lifestyle, including smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day.

And one day, he went to the doctor and found out that his health was hanging on a thread. His family decided to jump in – out of love – and he did a 180. Plus, he went vegan.

Learn more about what happened and get ready to be inspired in this
episode of Recipes for Your Best Life!




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2:29 – Rich’s background in broadcasting
5:17 – Rich’s ‘iconic’ voice discussion
7:50 – What was Rich’s favorite interview
9:45 – What was Rich’s most challenging interview
10:36 – What was your Rich’s day-to-day lifestyle
12:45 – What about the health routine in a hectic lifestyle
15:07 – Rich’s big life change & ‘health intervention’
19:51 – How do you go from hardcore carnivore to vegan

22:15 – Medical test and exams after becoming vegan for a year
25:58 – Functional fitness
27:36 – Rich’s favorite foods now
30:28 – How to satisfy your hunger and meet the nutritional needs
32:31 – Is it frustrating to have a spouse that’s not vegan
35:41 – Were the energy levels changed as well?
38:29 – Rich’s recommendation on the ‘first step’ in the right direction

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