Hop on the Celery Juice Train - Guest Blog by @susie_healthybalance

Hop on the Celery Juice Train - Guest Blog by @susie_healthybalance
I’ve been on this celery juice kick for about a month now and I can’t say enough great things about it. My husband and mom have joined me as well so this week alone we went through 15 stalks of celery. At .99 each that’s not a big price to pay but I can assure you we wouldn’t be drinking this much green tonic (gold really) if it wasn’t for Eat Cleaner.
I’ve trusted Eat Cleaner in providing clean fruits, herbs and vegetables to my family for about 7 years now and that routine is as solid as brushing my teeth every day.
And with just 3 packets of the Eat Cleaner powder, I can rest assured our celery for the WEEK is clean and that we’re drinking pure celery — no dirt, bugs, herbacides, germs from those hands who touched it before it made it to my house — and who knows what else is lurking on it.

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1 – Buy your celery of choice – organic or conventional, it still needs to be washed. So I buy what’s on sale.
Step 2 – Run water through the stalks of the lettuce to get a lot of the dirt off
Step 3 – Add 1 packet of Eat Cleaner and cold water to a gallon tub (I purchased mine at the Dollar Store)
Step 4 – Chop the stem off, cut the stalks in half and place them in the tub for about 3 minutes agitating it a bit to get all the gunk off
Step 5 – Place celery stalks in a strainer and run water through it one last time
Step 6 – Juice, enjoy and store the rest
I juice enough for 24 hours and save the rest in the fridge knowing that since I’m storing my celery clean, it’ll last well over a week. But who am I kidding. I’m hooked on this juice now so it won’t be stored for long.
I follow these steps every single week. And it goes for all our fruits, herbs and vegetables, not just celery.

I invest about $20 a month on my Eat Cleaner and I know for a fact my body and health are paying me back tenfold for it. Not just mine but my family’s as well. You can’t put a price t ag on that. It’s a wonderful feeling and for that I am forever greatful. Thank you Eat Cleaner. ?

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