GIVEAWAY: FunPod Kitchen Helper! Share the Kitchen with the Little Ones in Your Life

GIVEAWAY: FunPod Kitchen Helper! Share the Kitchen with the Little Ones in Your Life

The holiday season is upon us, where we will be cooking, baking, and feeding friends & family more than ever! Getting your kids into the kitchen with you to teach them a lifetime of clean eating habits is so important. When they have a role in helping with the meal, statistics show they’re 80-90% more likely to try something new – like veggies and other nutritious ingredients.

I was recently introduced to the FunPod kitchen helper, by Luca and Company, and immediately had to try this thing! It’s genius!! I love the FunPod kitchen helper because it gets the little ones right there with you – whether they’re just observing, or mixing things, or pushing the ‘on’ button – and keeps them safe.

“I have the FunPod kitchen helper and absolutely LOVE this product! I am a home chef and enjoy cooking, baking, and trying new recipes, but with my 13-month old running around the house, it becomes a little more difficult to get things done in the kitchen. My little Luc is very intrigued and interested in everything that I am doing, so the FunPod kitchen helper is PERFECT! Now, he can hang with his mama in the kitchen, taste new ingredients, learn about them, and even help me! It is such a fun way for us to bond and spend quality time together and I am thrilled that I can set a good example of healthy eating and cooking on a regular basis for him. We are creating wonderful memories together in the kitchen that I will always cherish!” -Heather, Southern California Mom of 1 and home chef

The FunPod is such a wonderful product for kids to get involved in the kitchen with their parents or grandparents! In the spirit of the season, we encourage you to Bring Them Back to the Table with you as you prepare all of your holiday meals and treats!! I highly encourage you to purchase this product, IF, you are not selected as the winner of this week’s giveaway! It will be the highlight of your holiday season in the kitchen!!


As a special gift to you, we are giving one FunPod kitchen helper (valued at $190.00) away to one lucky person!! This will be such an amazing addition to the family this year, not only making your kitchen experience easier, but will create fun-lasting moments between you and your little ones.



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