Five Fit Foodie Funnies For Kids - FREE PRINTABLE

Five Fit Foodie Funnies For Kids - FREE PRINTABLE

Back to School. It seems like just yesterday (literally) we were living in swim suits, heading to the pool and soaking up the sun! Now, we are back on a routine; going to bed early for the next morning ahead, packing lunches, coming home from school, working on homework, and the list goes on and on.

While it is exciting to be back in school, starting a new grade, meeting new friends, it can also be a little hard for kids. Here’s a fun tip to make your kids feel a little extra special at recess or lunch time, put a Fit Foodie Funny in their lunch pail. These fun and fruity jokes will put a smile on their little faces and will give them something to share with their friends at the lunch table.

I put together FIVE jokes that you can use, either one a day for a week, or one a week for a month as a little extra something special for them to look forward to!


Download your printable free here —>

Five Fit Foodie Funnies for Kids


Make memories with your kiddos and remember to eat cleaner, everyday!


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