EP 96 - Fit and FAB over 50 - The keys to getting that killer physique with Melissa Neill

EP 96 - Fit and FAB over 50 - The keys to getting that killer physique with Melissa Neill

Absolutely ripped in a bikini and having that great muscle definition even at the age of 50, Melissa Neil really breaks it down, while her professional background is in PR in communications. She became passionate about fitness and sculpting her physique at the age of 49. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, this will make a whole lot of sense. Make sure you grab Melissa's free seven day program that's in her app, BodyByBikini, and you can find that in the app store on iPhone and Android.

 “People that you see sometimes on social media that look like they've done it really quickly - it's often because they take performance enhancing drugs. If you are natural and you are doing it and you are over 45 or over 50, like us, it's going to take time and it's going to take patience.’’

-Melissa Neil

“There's no reason why you can't do XYZ. Whatever it is, you can! A lot of the time it's your own mind that's preventing you..”

- Melissa Neil



4:07 Grueling preparation for bikini contest

5:49 Melissa’s fitness journey

9:54 ‘’It doesn’t happen overnight’’

11:45 You cannot lose weight if your body is in starvation mode all the time

14:48 The last thing you need is taking your calories too low

17:04 The figure physique – can you look like that naturally?

22:24 Exercise techniques – problems with joints

28:01 Working the muscle the proper way – good pain VS bad pain

30:18 The importance of mindset

34:37 JLo’s appearance – where does the spark come from?

38:10 Putting yourself first

43:26 Comparison – how to avoid that noise in our heads?

46:39 If Melissa could have any meal prepared by any one, what would it be?


About Melissa Neill: 

She decided to become a ‘fitness and weight loss’ influencer in 2019 because she felt that much of the information out there is designed for younger women and found a lack of understanding and information to help women over 40.

Her professional background is in PR and communications and she became passionate about fitness and sculpting her physique at 49. This culminated in taking part in several bikini competitions at age 52 in the autumn of 2019.

She went on to pick up 2 procards and 5 placings in July 2021at 2 bikini competitions including 2 wins.

She wants to help other women to reach their body goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle – age should not be a barrier.

Like many women over the age of 40 (she is now 55), it didn’t come easily to her, so she shares her experience and knowledge to help others get real results. 

For lots more tips and advice you can go to her website www.melissaneill.com 

YouTube channel 

TikTok and Instagram -  @msmelissaneill

Are there any timely bits of information you'd like to share?

Her FREE 7-day program is BodyByBikini and you can find that at www.melissaneill.com or in the app store on iphone and android - search for 'BodybyBikini'.


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