EP 85 - The Top 7 Habits for Longevity and a Forking Good Life, with Dave Sherwin

EP 85 - The Top 7 Habits for Longevity and a Forking Good Life, with Dave Sherwin

Everyone is looking for the key to healthy habits. What would you say if I can give you that key here and today? Forking amazing news, right? In today’s episode, my guest Dave Sherwin shares his 7 healthy habits that unlock your journey to longevity and great life. From intermediate fasting to chewing your food slower, you can develop and reinvent habits that help you thrive and feel fantastic.

“There’s no reason not to take multivitamins. It will cover your basis.”
-Dave Sherwin

“If you’re trying to lose weight, peaceful sleep is really important.”
-Mareya Ibrahim- The Fit Foodie


0:65 There’s a lot of keys to wellness and life – let’s put them all together

1:37 Dave Sherwin – what an incredible man

2:37 If we fight against fitness and age, the more we lose

4:04 The number 7- principles that prolong your life

6:46 Top 7 healthy habits

6:56 # 1 Don’t drink calories

11:11 # 2 Eat your food slowly and mindfully

13:55 # 3 Intermediate fasting

21:09 # 4 Eat by the hand-rule

26:16 # 5 Observe and apply a supplement strategy

32:13 # 6 Fitness – exercise daily

33:34 # 7 Get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night

37:08 Connect with Dave


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