EP 83 - How an Olympic champion overcame near death with seed oils: The story of Andreas Wecker

Can you imagine being on the top of your field, a champion, and a world-class athlete, and then have your career crushed by an occurring injury? Andreas Wecker tore his bicep muscle in his shoulder just days before the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and said goodbye to his professional gymnast career. It was the hardest thing he ever did. Today, he is the founder of Andreas Seed Oil and focused on producing clean oils, offering wellness for your body. His story is forking inspiring, so enjoy it as much as I did.

Many people remember Olympic Champion Andreas Wecker – who competed at the top of his game, including 4 Olympics – winning multiple medals in gymnastics. That was until 2000 when he tore his bicep during training just three days before he was to compete at the Sydney Games. What he couldn’t anticipate was how quickly his health would deteriorate. In 2006, over a six week period, he lost 45 pounds and 80 percent of his blood supply. Throughout his struggle with Crohn’s Disease, he would take on the true fight of his life and faced what he saw as three options: die from the Crohn’s Disease, die from the medication, or find another option entirely. At 36 years old, he decided to check himself out of the hospital. Things were about to change drastically and during that time, he uncovered a hidden secret in nature that would save him and many others from their pain. He shares this amazing discovery and the sober truth that our health and wellness is truly in our hands. Get ready for an inspiring episode that could save your life.

“Doctors start to treat the symptoms until they see the problem. It is the problem of western medicine.”

-Mareya Ibrahim


For thousands of years, man has used seeds for culinary and medicinal purposes, enjoying their rich and distinctive flavours and health promoting compositions.

While you can consume seeds as part of your daily diet, enjoying concentrated seed oil is a great way to capitalize on nutrients. It is similar to the nutritional punch that you get when you juice a load of fresh veggies and fruits as opposed to eating them all at one time. Your body receives a rush of nutrients that can heal and revitalize your body at the cellular level.


Like any other food choice, quality matters when it comes to selecting both seeds and seed oil. High quality organic seeds and oils should be sought out for best results. The method of extraction also matters.

Many seed oil companies use methods to extract the oils that damage the nutrient value of the oil.

These methods include hydraulic and cold expeller pressing as well as solvent extraction. Because of the damage done to the oil components during these extraction methods, these oils must always be refrigerated.


This technology is so delicate yet powerful that the precious nutrient qualities of the seeds are left undamaged. The result is high quality oil that needs no refrigeration and will last for up to a year in the kitchen cupboard.

Each Andreas Seed oil-blend is designed to elevate your health on a multitude of levels.

Every organ in your body from brain, heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas – to respiratory, digestive, muscles, joints and skin – from head to toe are dynamically enhanced when you incorporate Andreas Seed oils into your daily regiment, making your life a pure joy to live!

All Andreas Seed oils contain the DNA “blueprint of life” and are the perfect blend of nutritional seed oils containing 100% Life Energy – using the most advanced German COLD PRESS technology.

Every bottle of Andreas Seed Oils is:

  • A blend of fresh-harvested USDA certified organic seeds, tested with our strict quality standards.
  • Pure-pressed using proprietary COLD PRESS technology, extracted in a fraction-of-a-second.
  • Instantly sealed in a new premium light-protective Miron Bottle, upon pressing.

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1:01 He was a world-class athlete, but an accident crushed the career

2:43 6 years old but never just the ordinary kid

5:25 Discipline- did it pick him or did he pick IT?

7:18 What pulled into the seed oil business?

10:22 What symptoms to look out for the disease?

11:42 Emotional stress vs physical stress

12:30 Supplements- subdermal option to heal

16:44 He thought it was all over until he decided to try flaxseed oil

19:20 Doctors usually treat symptoms until they see a problem

24:00 Different types of oils in the range

27:07 The importance of seeds- palatable seed oils

30:03 Pandemic had created a disease- anxiety

31:10 Take it pure or just get crazy with food

32:35 Check out the website and order your favorite oil now



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