EP 81 - The Deep Dive: How Sena Sea Does Seafood Sustainably

EP 81 - The Deep Dive: How Sena Sea Does Seafood Sustainably

My guest today is Sena Wheeler, the founder of Sena Sea. With fishing in her blood, so to speak, the tradition was passed down from her grandfather who immigrated from Norway with his brothers in 1938. Sena’s father, Art, also fished for thirty years. With her husband, Rich, they are proud to be the third generation fishermen carrying out their family’s legacy. Sena has a masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a specialty in quantifying omega 3’s in fish. In this episode, we dished about sustainability, line caught fish vs. farm raised, the best way to cook seafood and of course, Omega 3’s.


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  1. How Sena Seafood got started
  2. Fishing sustainability and management
  3. The different feeding process for the farm-raised and wild fish
  4. Is fresh better than frozen
  5. How Omega fat content influences flavor
  6. Favorite preparations for fish

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