EP 75 – Let’s Talk About Sex – How to Align Your Hormones and Light Some Fires

EP 75 – Let’s Talk About Sex – How to Align Your Hormones and Light Some Fires

Let me tell you a bedroom secret. Your sex drive, overall emotional and physical health are strongly connected to your hormonal balance. My guest today is Aamina Mirza from The Remedy Pharma, a certified hormone specialist and the host of the radio and Youtube show The Remedy Pharma Health Minute. What is a scream cream? And can a simple saliva test tell you why you’re not interested in the fun bedroom activities? Tune in now and let’s learn some new tricks and discover treats you can use to spice up your sex life.

“It’s mindblowing how much the hormonal imbalance affects your overall health.”

Dr. Aamina Mirza Shah

“When people hear the word ‘hormones’, they usually think about adolescence. Your sex hormones thrive when your hormonal balance is taken care of.”

Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie


3:00 Why did she pick the focus on the hormones?

4:44 Your sex hormones take a hit, so don’t drive down the cholesterol too much

5:38 Get the nitty-gritty info with the saliva test- no needles needed

6:35 Do you need to request the saliva test?

7:28 The other markers to keep tabs on- estrogen and testosterone

9:50 Do I have these symptoms?

11:30 Doc, what should I do? Let me explain how to go on

16:18 My sex drive and the connection to the hormonal balance

18:15 Why don’t you work out?

19:02 How do you take the first step to elevate your sex drive?

24:30 Why can’t we fit this with food?

26:00 Your body will work more efficiently with these actions

27:50 How to do the saliva test?

30:26 Understanding your numbers is really important

Hi there! As a Doctor of Pharmacy and Hormone Specialist, I help many men and women through their hormone journey via education, consultation and guidance. I started my Pharmacy career in typical retail and felt there was more for me to explore. A few years after earning my MBA I found The Remedy Pharm – an integrative full-service compounding pharmacy with a complete Nutrition & Wellness center packed with services and resources you wouldn’t expect from a Pharmacy. I learned more about our hormones and how intricately they interact with the rest of our body systems and began analyzing the root cause of disease instead of addressing individual symptoms.

Our body’s hormone producing glands use cholesterol to make [steroid] sex hormones including Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-S, even pregnenolone. This means that your body needs a healthy balance of cholesterol! Of course, we need to keep our “bad” cholesterol low to mitigate cardiovascular disease risks but keep in mind like anything, we don’t want to be extreme or else other systems will have detrimental effects.

Our hormones play a major role in regulating metabolism, bone health, cardiovascular health, among others. Some pretty obvious effects of [sex] hormone imbalance are those typical symptoms of menopause in women: hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbance, low libido to name a few. As we age estrogen production decreases and can be the culprit here. You also need to make sure the ratio of estrogen and progesterone is in sync. It’s amazing how many processes our hormones regulate: for example, your thyroid hormone and levels should be checked because that affects the cycle of your sex hormones. Mind blowing! Even your insulin sensitivity is highly affected! It is encouraged to have your baseline checked – bloodwork at a minimum with full hormone panel (including thyroid). But even better, get a saliva test to check your levels of sex hormones AND cortisol throughout the day. Yes cortisol, your stress hormone, your flight or fight response. Cortisol plays such a vital role in the balance of your other hormones!

A little bit on saliva tests: it is a more accurate read on your hormones (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S) than a traditional blood test and here’s why. Saliva test gives you the level of free, unbound bioavailable hormone that is available to act on a target tissue. In fact, we have seen drastic differences in results when comparing blood work to a saliva test in certain patients! Not to mention, it also measures your cortisol fluctuations throughout the day – not found in bloodwork. The kit provides you with four tubes for the saliva samples throughout the day and a form to fill out regarding your information and a symptoms analysis. We send this to the lab and you get your results, easy and non-invasive.

Here at The Remedy Pharm we work with your provider to bring BioIdentical Hormone Replacement or BHRT to you. We only use the highest quality wild yam-based hormones in your formulation vs. synthetic hormones. This makes a big difference in how our patients feel after initiating hormone therapy. We always approach hormone therapy very cautiously with a “start low and go slow” mentality. We have been the experts in hormone replacement for over 20 years.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would leave you with some pearls. If you are suffering from low libido, you may want to get your testosterone levels checked (just get all your hormones checked actually). Low testosterone, even low estrogen, can be the cause of low libido and foggy thinking among other symptoms. If you notice that you’re getting some extra weight or belly fat, that could be low Progesterone or estrogen. Dryness and pain during sex can be alleviated by Estradiol or Estriol vaginal cream. There is help out there – just come to your friendly neighborhood compounding pharmacy. Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and medications like Viagra aren’t helping anymore, there are options for you as well – check out nitric oxide. We even make prescription scream cream with sildenafil (Viagra), aminophylline and l-arginine to increase blood flow and sensitivity – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Aamina Mirza, PharmD, Certified Hormone Specialist, Health Radio Show Host



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