Ep. 34: WASTED: How to reduce your daily impact and save

Ep. 34: WASTED: How to reduce your daily impact and save
My mama always said, clean your plate, there are hungry people in the world! But when it comes to food waste, there are so many additional associated issues, from the environmental impact to wasted resources and the cost of waste disposal. If you were to peek into a landfill, you'd find almost 40% of it from fresh food, which lends to harmful greenhouse gas emissions that damage our ozone.
We can do a lot to make a big impact on the environment and our wallets with every bite. I'll go over 8 great tips you can use to help cut down on waste, save natural resources and take a daily step towards protecting our planet. In this episode, we'll discuss sound shopping strategies, animal protein options and ways to give back to the earth. We only get one, and everyone can do their part to protect it.
Make sure to check out our show notes as well as resources discussed in this episode EP 34 - Wasted: How to Reduce Your Daily Impact and Save
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