EP 32: Weathering the Storm with Crystal Egger

EP 32: Weathering the Storm with Crystal Egger

From The Weather Channel to Today in LA, covering raging storms to sunny beach day weather, Crystal Egger has brought you the on-air weather reports since 2004. It’s the most popular conversational topic in the world and in this episode, Mareya sits down with Crystal to talk about her personal storms and how she’s turned those experiences into a sunny space on this episode of Recipes For Your Best Life.

The theme is: There’s a storm to weather in every phase of life but the sun always come out to shine.

“I’ve learned to be incredibly grateful, because there’s nothing like a traumatic experience to knock you into your place and realize what matters in life.”– Crystal Egger, American meteorologist and the founder of ‘A Sunny Space’

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Crystal Egger and ‘A Sunny Space’ :



Link to pre-order the book:

Eat Like You Give a Fork



2:49 Crystal Egger and meteorologist life
5:15 The science and the challenging role of the job
6:03 The craziest weather experience
8:55 Things you can’t control
11:59 Stress, hectic lifestyle and gut feeling
16:20 How everything changed
18:46 The next chapter

21:15 The decision to have another child
22:51 Self-care and time to rest – the MUST-to-do
24:52 How to be productive and still effective without burning the candle at both ends
27:15 Settling down in San Diego
32:17 Creating ‘A Sunny Space’
35:40 Challenges and the ‘wow effect’
37:22 What is the next goal?


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