Ep. 19 - 10 Way to Prep for Clean Eating Success - Recipes for Your Best Life Podcast

Welcome back for another amazing episode of Recipes for Your Best Life. Mareya lists the best 10 ways how to prep for clean eating success and how to create lifestyle habits to achieve balance, de-stress and succeed. Tune in for another episode by Mareya, The Fit Foodie.

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‘Clean Foods + smaller portions at regular intervals = higher metabolism. If that doesn’t sound like a license to eat, I don’t know what more a fit foodie could ask for!”‘We’ve been trained to adapt the idea that organic equates to healthy!’

Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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Mareya Ibrahim

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2:30 The rise of organic farming and manufacturing

0:58 Why food is essential for us and nutrition is the key?

3:50 10 ways to prep for clean eating success

4:40 (1) Rehab your fridge and purge your pantry

7:04 (2) Learn the language of Labelese

8:43 (3) Ditch the diet mentality

10:42 (4) Join the hydration nation

12:35 (5) Get the right tools for the job

14:06 (6) Shop smart, save greens

15:12 (7) Prepare for Food 911’s

16:53 (8) Meal prep for success

19:08 (9) Waste less, eat more

20:50 (10) Grow a family of fit foodies

3:22 Organic doesn’t mean there is no use of pesticides

5:39 What’s the difference between the meat on your plate (added hormones and sustainable cattle growing)

9:35 TOP TIPS: What to check for on the organic product labels?


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