EatCleaner CEO & Founder Mareya Ibramhim LIVE on ABC-KATU Portland

EatCleaner CEO & Founder Mareya Ibramhim LIVE on ABC-KATU Portland

Kick the food cravings, boost your energy levels and even drop pounds in the process. Mareya Ibrahim celebrity chef and author of Eat Like You Give A Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive, joined us to stress the importance of retraining your tastebuds. Now, more than ever, is the time to do so as we should all be more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies.

Mareya says you don’t have to cut out whole food groups like paleo, keto and Whole 30 diets. She says people have gotten so focused on what to take out versus what to eat, but shares how to create nutritionally-balanced meals that will help retrain your taste buds to crave the foods that boost metabolism, build muscle mass and yes, lose weight – although vibrant health is the real goal.

Build your plate starting with nonstarchy veggies.

In the morning, start with protein and fat and avoid sugary foods to stabilize your blood sugar.

Combine protein, fat, and complex carbs in every meal, focusing on bitter, sour, and umami flavors.

Eat smaller reconditioning meals every three to four hours to keep your energy high, rev your metabolism, and sustain your blood sugar so you never feel hungry.

Enjoy at least one raw or mostly raw meal a day to get the maximum benefit out of your nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics without cooking them off.

Give your full focus to your food. Sit down, put aside the technology, and eat slowly, tasting every bite. This is your time to fall in love with flavor again.

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