Clean Sushi Made With Brown Rice, Quinoa, Freekh, Spicy Tuna, Crab

I HEART sushi but Making your own sushi is not only better for you, it’s easier on the wallet. I’m not a fan of all the white rice. It’s glommy and mushy and has no real nutritional value. And for the price of 4 hand rolls, you can buy a whole pound of ahi grade tuna! I make my hand rolls with a combo of light brown rice, red quinoa and freekh, a veritable powerhouse of nutrient dense grains that are considered slow burning carbohydrates and won’t spike your blood sugar. Rice Selects is a brand that makes this grain trio in one and I love the flavor

I recently did a lunch and learn at Trace 3, a hi-tech company in Irvine and had their employees rolling these spicy tuna guac and crab salad rolls. Here’s a visual guide along with the Instagram blow by blow. Mix up the fillings and make them your own. Get the family involved. It’s all good, clean fun. Read and roll on. xxMareya

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