As seen on Idaho Today : Cooking with your Bae: Easy 3-Course Heart Healthy Meal

As seen on Idaho Today : Cooking with your Bae: Easy 3-Course Heart Healthy Meal

Cooking is love made visible

Want to tighten your relationships with your loved ones? Chef it up. On Idaho Today I shared how to woo your bae with a little love in the kitchen, and then I re-created it on Facebook Live yesterday with my one and only. Grab these ideas for a clean, #hearthealthy , #glutenfree and #dairyfree 3-course meal in under 30 min and let the sparks fly where they may 😉 TAG your bae and re-create this in your kitchen. 💕xx @chefmareya






00:00 and welcome back to auto today cooking
00:02 with the one you love can help to create
00:04 some steamy chemistry here in the
00:05 kitchen this valentine's and we have
00:07 celebrity chef mareya ibrahim
00:10 actually has some recipes that will not
00:11 only capture your lover's heart but also
00:13 keep it healthy as well oh and by the
00:15 way it keeps the cleanup on the lighter
00:17 side that way you have more time with
00:18 your boo which is so important right
00:21 maria definitely all right so so tell us
00:24 about some of the amazing meals some
00:26 ideas that you have because not only
00:28 does this create a wonderful bonding
00:30 experience for the two uh you know
00:32 couples in the kitchen but you think
00:34 about healthy recipes as well
00:36 yeah definitely well i think it's super
00:38 romantic of course to get into the
00:40 kitchen together and the great thing
00:42 about cooking is also you are in control
00:45 of the ingredients you're in control of
00:47 how much oil how much uh butter and
00:50 things like that that you're using and
00:52 you can opt for better for you
00:54 ingredients and february is american
00:56 heart health month too so we want to
00:58 protect your heart and your sweetheart's
00:59 heart as well yeah and i'm wearing my my
01:02 heart red today for valentine's and
01:04 heart health all right i did this on
01:06 purpose my friend
01:07 so perfect and you know in the book uh
01:10 my book eat like you give a fork the
01:12 real dish on eating to thrive it's
01:13 really about simplicity and elevating
01:16 ingredients rather than masking them so
01:18 you're starting with the good stuff and
01:20 you don't have to you know use heavy
01:23 sauces or things like that it's really
01:25 simple preparation that everybody can do
01:27 you don't have to be a chef like this
01:28 beautiful starter lycopene rich tomatoes
01:32 when you when you get these tomatoes at
01:34 the peak of brightness they are amazing
01:37 um i've got a little avocado rose those
01:39 healthy fats are good for your heart as
01:41 well just a drip drizzle of
01:44 a balsamic glaze and a little sprinkle
01:47 of sea salt i'm using a fancy merlot
01:49 salt because merlot is good for your
01:51 heart too right it's got reservatrol and
01:53 other great benefits for your heart so
01:55 that's a great way to start
01:57 and then
01:59 i've got a beautiful fish dish this is a
02:01 wild caught cod dish and we've cooked it
02:04 in parchment paper this helps with the
02:07 cleanup so you don't have to make a
02:08 bunch of pans dirty you cook everything
02:11 in the parchment paper you just twist
02:14 the sides and everything cooks up in
02:16 here and what's gorgeous is when you
02:18 open it it lets out this beautiful steam
02:22 and i've got my cod layered with some
02:25 roasted brussels sprouts some leeks
02:28 which are also great for your heart
02:29 health um some blood orange the color of
02:33 red shows up in all these dishes and
02:36 some seasonings that help to make this
02:39 easy simple cooks quickly just about 25
02:43 minutes in the oven at 375 and you've
02:46 got everything in a beautiful love
02:48 package i love that that is brilliant
02:50 you know i've never thought of
02:52 baking that in a parchment paper but it
02:54 also looks almost like a gift in itself
02:56 right because you're on wrapping
02:58 package
03:00 yeah i love that we can't forget dessert
03:02 oh dessert is also on the menu so i have
03:05 a protein
03:07 coconut
03:09 cocoa
03:10 and cashew dip and we grind the cashews
03:13 down we add cocoa powder which is rich
03:16 in minerals good for your heart health
03:17 as well
03:18 um a little bit of oat milk oat milk is
03:21 also good see how the theme here how
03:23 everything is good for you and then i've
03:25 got my strawberries look if you cut the
03:28 stems out they look like they look like
03:30 cute little hearts right dip that into
03:33 your dip and it's like a healthy fondue
03:36 i've also got just some apples you could
03:39 do pears too sprinkled with cinnamon
03:42 cinnamon is a powerful anti-inflammatory
03:45 again a great way
03:47 to make me jealous and it's so tasty
03:51 all right so and then this is just a tip
03:53 of the iceberg of some of the amazing
03:54 heart healthy and romantic recipes that
03:56 you have that people can find in your
03:58 cookbook so where can people go to learn
03:59 more about your cookbook
04:01 if you come to you'll get
04:04 the book you'll find our award-winning
04:06 eat cleaner products and a ton of
04:08 recipes to help you not only enjoy food
04:12 but really to thrive i want you to get
04:15 in the kitchen enjoy this romantic time
04:17 with your sweetheart but also enjoy love
04:20 cooking for your family your friends
04:22 yourself
04:23 and thrive this year we're all about
04:26 thriving in 2022 absolutely thank you so
04:29 much i'm inspired to know those watching
04:31 are as well and hey happy valentine's
04:33 day in advance
04:34 same to you cheers
04:36 thanks

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