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Sugar and Brain Fog – are they related?


Here comes June gloom…or waiting for the fog to lift…


Here in Southern California we experience what locals call June gloom. A thick fog or marine layer covers the summer sky and usually doesn’t burn off until late morning or early afternoon. As a result, many outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers are frustrated to have to wait for the fog to lift before enjoying their sun splashed activities.


This gloom or brain fog is typically how many of us feel every day. We wake up wishing for more hours of sleep, guzzle our morning coffee for that much needed jolt and drag ourselves through another day of working through the fog. Some days the fog dissipates, other days it lingers.


Brain fog is often related to the following symptoms –


  • Memory issues – forgetting names and important details of your everyday life
  • Feeling foggy or confused – lacking mental energy
  • Unable to focus – your mind wanders, you are easily distracted
  • Stuttering or stammering when speaking – words don’t come so easy anymore
  • Trouble Processing information – needing to have information repeated


Many laugh off brain fog as an inevitable sign of aging and have cute nicknames for the symptoms such as “some-timers” or “brain farts”. Seriously – when your brain is not working optimally, it can affect every area of your life and can ultimately lead to more challenging health issues.


Brain fog is no laughing matter and may be a sign of inflammation in your brain. Reducing oxidative stress that causes inflammation is important for your overall health and can boost your brain function – resulting in increased energy, clarity, and motivation.


So how do we reduce inflammation, burn off that brain fog and regain our cognitive edge?


Experts agree that cleaning up our eating habits – like cutting back on packaged and processed foods that are loaded with excess sugar, in addition to many other artificial and harmful additives – is the first step to fixing brain fog.


Sugar is a powerful temptation. The Restart Retreat will help you quell the urge to splurge!


Excess sugar can be the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of food additives. Initially it might make you feel better – more energetic, but ultimately excess sugar can rob your life away stealing your energy and focus. Our body uses sugar efficiently to create energy but it is the kindling, the quick energy that gets the fire started, not the slow burning log on the fire from which we get sustained energy.


Excess sugar can also lead you down the path to weight gain, depression, diabetes and dementia. Alzheimer’s disease has been called type 3 diabetes in scientific studies. Faking out your taste buds with healthy sugar substitutes, like stevia or xylitol, may help you curb your sugar cravings initially but you really want to minimize the substitutions because your taste buds will continue to tell your body that all that sweetness is good. Not so much…Our bodies and brains are desperate for nutrients that provide exactly what nature intended for us to create energy and focus, lift the fog and let the sunshine in. In a study of patients with generalized anxiety disorder and depression, it was observed that patients had significantly lower levels of vitamins A, C, and E in comparison to healthy controls.

After dietary supplementation of these vitamins for a period of 6 weeks, a significant reduction in anxiety and depression scores of patients was observed.


Are you curious to see how your food choices may be affecting your health? Check out this quick toxicity assessment – you may be surprised…

So…how do we create habits that fill our bodies with wholesome food that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that fight oxidative stress and brain fog?

How do we turn off the cravings for the sugar-ladened fake food for good? Where do we turn when we need that sustained energy and vitality?


Join us for a desperately needed retreat from the same ol’ same ol’ habits that hold us captive. Come with us on a Restart Retreat – a retreat that you can take without leaving home. Let us show you how to ditch the habits that hinder your vitality and return restored with “new normal” habits that reveal the real you, the vibrant, healthy you.


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