Are You Replacing One Danger with Another?

Are You Replacing One Danger with Another?

Is our effort to stay safe from Coronavirus causing us more harm? If we’re using toxic cleaners, it could be, says Chef Mareya Ibrahim, the award-winning inventor of eatCleaner®.


Savvy shoppers across the nation trust the all-natural eatCleaner® line of Fruit + Veggie Wash and Wipes to remove over 99% of unwanted residue from fresh produce and cooking surfaces. The all-natural formula is lab-proven to lift wax, pesticides and agricultural material that can carry harmful bacteria while extending produce freshness up to 5x longer. Now, the clean eating expert behind the revolutionary collection spotlights potential cancer-causing ingredients and other harmful compounds that lurk in various home products… and what to rely on instead.


“Our overuse of antibacterial products and toxic cleaners may well be causing more harm than good,” says Ibrahim. “The goal should be to clean, not to create a sterile environment that won’t allow for our bodies to build important exposure to bacteria. This has been shown to be an important part of the development of our immune systems by numerous studies, including ones performed by our co-founder, Dr. Shawki Ibrahim. Many of the ingredients used in commercial cleaning products can be far more detrimental to human heatlh. And by the way, coronavirus is not bacterial, so if you’re trying to address the virus with an antibacterial product, it may not work,” adds Ibrahim.


The EWG (Environment Working Group) investigated more than 2,000 US cleaning supplies. They found startling information about substances that may cause brain and nervous system toxicity, hormone imbalance, organ dysfunction, and more. Big offenders include phthalates (synthetic fragrance compounds), triclosan (an antibacterial), ammonia, chlorine, quats, and alcohol (a drying agent). Additionally, fumes from such cleaning products may induce asthma or other respiratory problems. Many of these also include potentially carcinogenic ingredients like 1,4-dioxane, and some can even cause chemical burns, poisoning, or allergies.


“More than ever, concerns about COVID-19 transmission fuel a need for the effective cleaning of store-bought produce and surfaces,” explains eatCleaner® Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Inventor Dr. Shawki Ibrahim. “eatCleaner® contains a natural, food-grade soaping agent that can dissolve the Coronavirus fatty membrane ‘casing,’ rendering the virus inactive without harming human health.”


When it comes to COVID-19 and similar viruses, many non-toxic cleaners can be just as effective. To stay safe without unnecessary chemicals, here are 4 quick tips to make chemical-free cleaning easier and safer than ever from Award-winning Entrepreneur, author and CEO of Grow Green Industries, Mareya Ibrahim eatCleaner®:


  1. Washing hands with simple soap and water – Good ‘ole soap and water for 20 seconds is the best method. Avoid using antibacterial varieties containing phthalates or triclosan, which can be cancer causing and harmful to the environment. When soap is unavailable, use wipes made without alcohol or toxic chemicals. Coronavirus is not bacterial, so these antibacterial soaps can be overkill.


  1. Use alcohol-free products to cleanse produce surfaces and hands – A surfactant-based product like eatCleaner® is engineered to break the surface tension of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, and significantly reduce hidden contaminants. eatCleaner® can also be used to clean cutting surfaces, spray down the outside of food packaging and the interior of your refrigerator for the ultimate kitchen safety cleaner. Also, avoid use of hand sanitizer with alcohol as it can be extremely drying (over 60% alcohol content) and cause cracking, allowing bacteria into the body, which can be painful and even dangerous.

  1. Choose products with 100% biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, instead of sanitizing with harmful chemicals. Clean Republic offers a line of products with the active ingredient HOCL (hypochlorous acid) made from salt, water, and electricity. When used according to directions, this EPA-approved disinfectant/ sanitizer can protect against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Coronavirus. Clean Republic also offers a medical strength hand sanitizer in a flat, credit card-sized, portable dispenser, made with HOCL and zero alcohol.

  1. Upgrade oral hygiene. There is growing evidence that a lack of good oral health can increase chances of infection from bacteria on dirty toothbrushes, mouthguards, and removable oral devices. Alcohol-free products like guardClean® – formulated specifically to cleanse these devices – is made with active ingredients such as salt, surfactant, and citric acid to significantly help remove potential contaminants and viruses, safely. Avoid mouthwashes and rinses containing artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.


Visit for your “whole cleaning” destination for everything from produce and countertops to cutting boards and fridge surfaces and even oral health. Each patented, food-grade, and USDA biobased formula uses all-natural, FDA-approved GRAS ingredients, making it an effective and safe home cleaning choice. For further information or to book an interview with product inventors Mareya Ibrahim or Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, please contact Leigh-Anne Anderson at


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About Grow Green Industries, Inc./ Eat Cleaner®:
Grow Green Industries, Inc. dba eatCleaner® is leading the way in eco-solutions for food safety and shelf life extension. Co-founded by Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, Ph.D. and Mareya Ibrahim (“The Fit Foodie”), the company is dedicated to providing effective and scientifically-proven products to help you live safely. Visit and to learn more.

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