A Product We Love: Foodhuggers – Quit Plastics, Save Your Food & Money

A Product We Love: Foodhuggers – Quit Plastics, Save Your Food & Money


We love everything about this product. Why…? Simply because it is a product with a purpose. This purpose is shared with us as an organization. FoodHuggers as an organization, just like us at eatCleaner, highly value creating and maintaining healthy habits that help save the planet and minimize waste at home.

How many times have you cut up a lemon, cucumber, or tomato in half and then put the other cut half back into the fridge unprotected? Or a leaving an open container such as a can or jar in the fridge to just sit on the shelf in the fridge to spoil and then eventually be thrown away?

We have a product with a purpose to stop this nonsense wasteful habit of humans. The purpose of this post is to present a review of an amazing product that we got to try, and we can proudly present FoodHuggers to you.

About FoodHuggers.

Food Huggers creates tools that make it easy to adopt sustainable practices at home. Which is why we love them. They offer customers solutions that make sustainable habits easy and fun to do without giving up convenience or style. We love that they also let their inspiration be delicious fresh food. Just like us one of their main goals as an organization is to help people reduce waste at home. A set of Food Huggers will keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. You can also use them to seal open cans, jars and convert glass into a quick and easy well-sealed container.

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 EatCleaners Recommendation:

 In this set, you get:

  • Your own choice of a colorful set containing 5 different-sized Food Huggers.
  • The Huggers are; BPA & Phthalate Free, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave & Freezer Safe, and they come with a Lifetime Warranty.

The best part is that this set just like any other of their products can be used over and over again replacing tons of single-use plastic wrap, bags, or foil that you might otherwise have bought and then tossed!

Click HERE to place your order today because this product will truly help you EAT TO THRIVE:

 do we love FoodHuggers & their products?

We choose FoodHuggers because they help further extend shelf life. You can’t possibly commit and have too many healthy habits. After we have so well cleaned our produce using eatCleaner, we can seal them off and store them away extremely easily and in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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Stay Put and we will be back next week with another product review of a product we can’t live without.

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