A Handi Way to Stay Safe and Protected On the Go

A Handi Way to Stay Safe and Protected On the Go

Hi, my name is Benjamin Anderson, I’m a working professional artist of 20 years (www.benjaminanderson.com) with an innate creative spirit, living in Santa Barbara, California with my wife and two children. Born out of need and tired of carrying around bottles of gels I needed during excursions, I felt the drive to keep my family safe by developing a new way to carry essential liquids like hand sanitizer, sunscreen and bug repellent in an easy to use, accessible product.

After hundreds of different concepts floating around in my head for months, I narrowed it down to a wristband kit that would help support not only my family, but also those in the community that are seeking more protection from the elements when they leave home. With help from E.R. Nurses, Doctors, friends and family, the journey began with an idea and has now become a real tool to help those that want easy, on-the-go protection, when they leave home.

Enter, HandiGuru! The name speaks for itself, a very handy Guru. An expert at carrying the essentials to guard against the elements, a refillable wristband that does what you need it to when you need it to: Guarding your OM when you leave Home!

What does the HandiGuru™ wristband do?

It helps conveniently guard from the elements when you’re out and about. From Germs, with hand sanitizer gel in it. From Sun, with Sunscreen in it. From Bugs, with bug repellent gel in it.

Why did I develop it?

I felt a need to have some guards against germs and the elements away from home for myself, my family and my community. With a face mask and my HandiGuru I feel confident about leaving my home anytime.

Our Mission: To provide wearable protection

against the elements for people young and

old, regardless of race or creed.


Our Values: We stand for the health of everyone

on this planet, the environment, equal rights

and revolutionary ideas to uphold the basic

rights of humans and every part of earth

they interact with.


Giving: We strive to allow those less

fortunate to have access to our wearable

protection. Having said that, future

partnerships with 501c non-profits are being

pursued as well for long term relationships

to benefit those in need.


Helping the Environment:

HandiGuru Wristband kits are

fully recyclable. From box, to bottle, to

silicone wristbands, it is our mission to make

sure we are doing no harm to the planet.

Recycling program of no longer used

silicone wristbands being initiated in the

near future.

HandiGuru Also donates to communities, families and individuals in need. We are also proud members of 1% for the Planet and look forward to helping keep our environment safe.



Provides sleek, all day, wearable protection from germs, sun,

and other outdoor elements, giving families and individuals

extra peace of mind when they leave home.

No more contaminating your purse, pockets, keys or car door

handles when searching for sanitizer. Sanitize instantly when



Fill with:

Sanitizer Gel


Bug/Mosquito Repellent Gel/Lotion


Available in 11 modern colors:

Guru Gray

Infinite Black

Transcendental Blue

and more..


Kit includes:

1 x Refillable Silicone Wristband,

FDA approved, One size fits all, .68 fl.oz (20ml) capacity

1 x Squeeze bottle, BPA free, 2fl.oz (59ml)

1 x Applicator Tip, BPA free

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