12 Gifts You'll Want to Gift and Give to Yourself

12 Gifts You'll Want to Gift and Give to Yourself

If you’re like me, when I really love something, I want to gift it. But I usually also want one for myself because it’s either so cool, fits my lifestyle or I just know it would make my life easier and that’s a great deciding factor.

This year is a little different. I’ve been more focused on the things that are enriching to my life. Great food. Essential kitchen tools. Food for the soul. Gifts that are comforting. Services that make life easier. These are gifts for your fabulously fit life and those who you love. These choices are ruling my decisions and that’s why I put together some of my favorites for you here in this quick curated gift guide.

Because if you’re anything like me, too much choice sends me into a tailspin. I’ve got the links here too and many of them have added discount codes for you. You’re welcome, and happy shopping!



(Full disclosure: In some cases I make a small affiliate fee and in other cases, I don’t. Just wanted you to know.)



My Top 12 Gift Picks for 2020



Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive

“Ibrahim’s thoughtful recipes and sense of humor (‘Greens are your new friends with bennies’) keep this book entertaining and accessible.”

—Publishers Weekly

“This is a book you can use in your healing journey without any boring meals.”

—Daniel Amen, MD, co-author of The Daniel Plan, world-renowned brain doctor

This is my life’s work in a compendium that empowers you to eat to thrive. It’s gorgeous, filled with incredible recipes and a plan that helps nourish the best version of you. My #1 new release hardcover book, Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive, is only $.99 now through Sunday!

Yes! $.99. Less than a buck. Yup.
✔️Because I want each and every one of you to have it.
✔️I want you to gift it to the people you love.
✔️I would love for it to be in your kitchen permanently, as your resource guide for eating to thrive.
✔️I want you to feel better than you ever have, so you can slay your goals.
✔️ I know you’ll love the gorgeous food photos, over 80 recipes and the secret to how I unlocked living the fit life for good.
So hurry. This offer is limited and so are the books. TAG your friends and please SHARE.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Bedding and Loungewear

Every year I cover the top 8 trends in healthy food & beverages and this year I’ve branched out (pun intended) into healthy living. And one thing I’m super excited about is bamboo – the #1 trend on my list. From bathrobes and bedsheets to toilet tissue and paper towels, bamboo is quickly beating out paper and cotton as the “it” material – and for good reason: it’s sustainable, soft-as-silk, fast-growing, naturally antimicrobial, and takes a fraction of the natural resources to cultivate. It’s actually stronger than steel!
Cozy Earth products are Certified free of harsh chemicals and dyes and the feel so silky! This robe is one of the yummiest things I’ve ever put on my body!! And the sheets and PJ’s are so amazing, Oprah has put them on her ‘favorite things’ list so what’s good for the Queen O is good for me!
Cozy Earth is offering us 50% off on their website! Just use code EATCLEANER50. Shop Now.


Aqueous Wellness CBD Chews & Body Care

Everyone could use some chillaxing these days, can I get an Amen? That’s why I love Aqueous CBD chews and body care. Featuring water-soluble CBD with nanotechnology crafted In California, Aqueous CBD is engineered to work in harmony with the human body and is easily absorbed so you get maximum efficacy without THC. CBD is a superfood, friends. I talk about it a lot and I’m a big fan. I love the CBD vegan fruit chews and the CBD Body Booster Spray. Plus, they’re made by an awesome female entrepreneur named Margie Floris, and I love supporting these amazing women!

Aqueous Wellness is offering us 15% on their website! Just use code EATCLEANER15. Shop Now.

Muscle Hammer Massager

How much would you be willing to pay for UNLIMITED Deep Muscle Massage available 24/7?

Owning a Muscle Hammer Massager is like having a deep muscle massage available to you 24 hours a day. Once you figure out where all your trouble areas are, simply work on them 2-3 times a day and then be AMAZED at how your body responds!

Using the MUSCLE HAMMER just 10-20 minutes per day can be LIFE CHANGING! It has definitely made a big difference in our ability to manage pain in my household, especially with all the athletic activity with my teenager. Since it’s next to impossible to get a massage appointment these days, this is the best investment ever.

Muscle hammer is offering us $50 off with the code EATCLEANER! SHOP NOW



JoJo’s Chocolate with Superfoods

JOJO’s is an everyday dose of deliciousness that doesn’t force you to choose between a healthy snack and a sweet treat. It’s the only chocolate company that wants you to eat less, not more! A daily dose of JOJO’s deliciousness will help you kick your sugar cravings. They added slow-digesting plant-based protein-containing dietary fiber to help regulate blood glucose, reduce energy crashes and sugar cravings! And JoJo’s is inspired by a JoJo – a mom who beat breast cancer. I love supporting entrepreneurs like this, and these make for the perfect stocking stuffers.

JoJo’s Chocolate is offering us 10% off on their website! Just use code EATCLEANER10. Shop Now


Garden of Life Collagen Powder

I know this might seem like an odd thing to include in a gift guide, but Garden of Life’s collagen products have CHANGED my life for good. Let me explain. After the age of 35, our collagen production diminishes significantly. Collagen is responsible for all of our connective tissue and also contributes to healthy hair, skin and nails. Well, friends, I’m in that category and when I started using the various GOL collagen products, I noticed some tremendous changes within just weeks. My hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails grew faster and thicker than ever. My torn ACL and meniscus managed to heal faster. And I was getting all kinds of compliments that my skin was glowing. That’s why this is a gift! Get Garden of Life collagen in all kinds of flavors on their website.

Garden of Life is offering us 20% off on their website! Just use code AMBASSADOR20. Shop Now.

Feeling generous? Add my favorite blender to the mix, the Vitamix. This gets the smoothie job done, and blends everything from my Garden Gazpacho to perfectly silky sauces. I have been a fan of this blender for over a decade. SHOP NOW


Xtrema Cookware

If you’re using Teflon or your cookware hasn’t been refreshed since 2002, it’s time to get off the bus, Gus and get a new pan, Stan. Teflon pots and pans are engineered from man-made metal, polymer/plastic materials and other chemicals and lure you in with their inexpensive price tag and non-stick promises. But don’t be lured. At high temperatures, Teflon can emit up to six toxic gases when the heat gets turned up, including two carcinogenic (cancer-causing) gases, including:

  • TFE
  • HFP
  • Carbonyl fluoride (COF2)
  • PFIB (Perfluoroisobutene)
  • Carbon tetrafluoride
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Trifluoroacetetic acid (TFA)
  • Difluoroacetic acid (DFA)
  • Monofluoroacetic acid (MFA)

My favorite pick hands down is ceramic cookware. I’ve found it to be the best to work with, safe, great at high temps and easy to clean. When I happened upon Xtrema cookware, it became my favorite, go-to brand for a good reason. Let me explain. I was making shrimp stock and simmering it over low heat. Silly me, forgot to turn the stove off and it cooked ALL NIGHT…long after the water evaporated. I know. Thank the good Lord above I didn’t burn the house down!! When I woke up, the shrimp peels had all but disintegrated into the pot. I thought I would have to throw it away for sure. Heartbroken I decided to try and save it because it’s my favorite pot. I soaked it for 30 minutes and I kid you not, it cleaned up like a champ and looks good as new! Xtrema meets all the right qualifications for good cookware also has a 50 year warranty and the stuff cooks food evenly and perfectly every time. I can’t recommend it enough.

Xtrema Cookware offers $20 off your first purchase. SHOP HERE



Love Goodly Natural Product Box

What’s better than gifting? A gift that keeps on coming! That’s why I love Love Goodly boxes as a meaningful idea that keeps reminding them how much you care with every delivery. All Love Goodly Essential boxes are carefully curated with 4-5 full size products, focused on nontoxic, cruelty free and vegan beauty and skincare, as well as an occasional eco style accessory, wellness product or healthy snack. And they always make the recipient go ‘ooooo’ because the products come from innovative, forward-thinking brands. Plus, the retail value of the individual products is always much higher than what you pay for the whole box. If you’d rather do the one-time box delivery, that’s an option too.

Grab your Love Goodly box gift today! SHOP NOW




Good Dee’s Diet-Friendly Baking Mixes

If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it’s how to enjoy the art of baking. Lucky for us, Good Dee’s makes it a lot healthier or we might not like the side effects so much. Good Dee’s was born shortly after Deanna Karim, the founder, had her first son. She turned to a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle and has not looked back since! She wanted to make carb-conscious products while preserving the flavor of traditional foods. Her goal was to avoid sweeteners like maltitol and low carb flours like soy flour, so she created Good Dee’s mixes with just a handful of quality ingredients. I love the fact that these mixes make baking so much simpler, and that the good ingredients are already in there. The perfect stocking stuffer for your family, because you can make sure you get to taste what your family makes – wouldn’t you say?

Good Dee’s is offering us 20% off on their website. Just use the code: Mareya20. SHOP NOW

Feeling generous? Add my favorite Cuisinart Food Processor to the mix. A good food processor is critical clean eating success. SHOP NOW


Butcher Box Subscription

I’m all about that practical gift that keeps on giving, and that’s why I’m a big fan of Butcher Box. Their sustainable, grass fed and finished, free range proteins are always delish and better for you and the planet. You can regulate the frequency of your deliveries, too.

And right now, if you sign up, you get 6 premium steaks FREE! That’s worth over $125. SHOP NOW


The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child by Tana Amen

My friend’s new book is one you’ll want to read.

New York Times bestselling author, neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse, and vice president of Amen Clinics, Tana Amen shares how overcoming her traumatic past made her a passionate champion for others in need of healing and hope.

A terrifying childhood of abandonment and abuse, battles with cancer and depression, and a never-ending fight to be valued for more than her outward appearance, conspired to rob Tana Amen of a voice–and the healthy future she deserved. She was a single working-mother secretly suffering from an eating disorder. When she met Dr. Daniel Amen, she had no idea he was the world-renowned psychiatrist. As their love story evolved, she was able to release her need for self-protection, find healing, and experience transformation and wholeness.

Written in a refreshingly direct style, this powerful book is an eye-opening account of one woman’s courage to face her past and embrace truth in order to offer hope and healing to others struggling with traumatic experiences. Integrating cutting-edge psychology, proven wellness techniques from the Amen Clinics, and intimate anecdotes from Tana Amen’s life, this engrossing memoir is an inspirational look at what’s possible for anyone who desires healing. Tana Amen’s journey, which is both tragic and, at times, funny, offers guideposts to readers who are on their own healing journey.

Pre-order it HERE

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