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A liquid hug for your brain - Every time

New Week, New Product Review. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, something that is consumed by 64% of Americans Adults, every day. The average coffee drinker consumes around 3 cups per day. Coffee is a dark brown, magical like substance that turns “leave me alone” into “good morning honey”. We have discovered a product that any coffee drinking enthusiast would love.

We have a brand that will give you the perfect cup of coffee every time. The purpose of this post is to present a review of an amazing product that we got to try, and we can proudly present Secret Javas to you.

About Secret Javas

Secret Java is a premium Brazilian Coffee Company with a mission to bring the highest quality off Brazilian coffee to their customers. They claim to have curated some off the best coffee beans in the market to be able to offer you the morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening cup of coffee you deserve. They offer 3 high-quality coffees in roasted whole bean form.

Secret Java offers all off their customers with the choice off buying a single bag whichever coffee off their preference or you can go with one of their subscription’s packages. There is also a possibility to buy everything from a single bag to a full year’s subscription for a loved one as a gift. 

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 EatCleaners Recommendation:

We highly recommend ALL three of hem, I could not tell you which one is the better one. Whether you grind the Premium Rich, Premium Nutty, Premium Sweet. You will not be disappointed. The best part is that each one off these bags, the outcome is the same, a wonderful tasting cup of coffee, SO extremely rich in flavor.

Click HERE to place your order today because this product will truly help you EAT TO THRIVE.

do we love Secret Javas & their products?

When it comes to coffee we encourage you, to choose Secret Java because they are on top off everything when it comes to selling high quality coffee rich is flavors. When you grind, brew and then drink your coffee made from Secret Java beans it’s like your house turns in to a coffee farm. The aroma is the perfect blend of rain and sun, and fertile, volcanic soil. Trust us, It is that good.

Stay Put and we will be back next week with another product review of a product we can’t live without.

Don’t forget to use our DISCOUNT CODE: eatclean15 for an additional 15% when you place your order. 

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