50 Ways To Use EatCleaner

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Top 50 Ways to Use Eat Cleaner Fruit & Vegetable Wash & Wipes:

  • To remove pesticides, residues and waxes from your produce
  • To clean your kitchen utensils
  • To clean your cutting boards
  • To prevent browning on cut apples, avocados and potatoes
  • To wipe your hands
  • To prep your grill before and after use
  • To preserve the shelf life of your produce
  • To wipe clean the inside of your refrigerator
  • To clean the airplane tray table
  • To wipe your computer screens
  • To remove shower scaling
  • To wash your face day or night
  • To wipe out the inside of your gym bag
  • To clean the inside of your microwave
  • To wipe your sensitive pet’s paws after being outside
  • To wipe down your dining ware when eating out (you never know;)
  • To clean your telephone
  • To spot clean your leather furniture
  • To dab on any stains on your clothing
  • To clean plastic toys
  • To make your shoes shine
  • To wipe your remote control
  • To clean your golf clubs after a day on the course
  • To remove sticky residues
  • To wipe clean your fishing gear
  • To clean the outside of beverage bottles
  • To remove your makeup
  • To clean your dashboard
  • To spruce up food presentation before pictures (for all you chefs)
  • To spot clean your counters in every room
  • To clean your yoga mat after class
  • To use just about anywhere when camping
  • To clean your pots and pans
  • To help with self-tanner corrections
  • To clean your keyboards
  • To help decrease acne, (spray a bit on a cotton ball and dab away)
  • To add to your picnic basket
  • To decrease static cling by wiping the interior of your static clothing item
  • To clean glass surfaces
  • To remove “artwork” from laminate surfaces and tiles
  • To wipe down weights at the gym
  • To clean a baby’s binkie
  • To recycle as dust cleaners
  • To clean your car tire rims
  • To wipe the drinking surface of a beverage can
  • To clean up a highchair
  • To preserve flowers before an event, (just give them a few sprays)
  • To clean your dishes as an alternative to dish soap
  • To spray out your freezer after defrosting
  • To give to your kid’s teacher with that perfect apple!
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