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Mareya on ABC's Recipe Rehab - Eat Cleaner® Fruit & Vegetable Wash and Wipes

A Passion for a Healthy Lifestyle

Meet Chef Mareya


CLEANER ENCHILADAS!  Mareya’s enchiladas featured on ABC’s Recipe Rehab use cauliflower, cottage cheese, reduced fat pepper jack and a spicy chipotle sauce to keep the flavor and boost nutrient density.


HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!  Mareya’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cake is cholesterol free and tastes amazing.  It won the Recipe Rehab challenge! Watch to see what the secret ingredient is.


THIS IS NACHO DADDY’S NACHOS: Mareya rehabs the typical game day fair and turns it into a nutrient dense treat with a super tasty mango salsa.  This recipe won the Recipe Rehab challenge!


THE APPLE OF YOUR PIE, DONE BETTER.  Mareya takes traditional apple pie and slices out the fat, sugar and excess calories to keep it as nutritious as apples should be.  This recipe won the Recipe Rehab challenge.


BREAK-FAST THE RIGHT WAY.  Mareya shows us how to make quick breakfast meals that to start the morning strong and keep up your energy all day long.


THE SKINNY ON PROTEIN BARS.  Mareya looks at which nutritional bars do you more harm than good and shares her favorites, plus her own recipe for Fit Bites.


HAVE YOUR GLUTEN-FREE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.  No sacrifice here!  Mareya shows her secret for making a cholesterol-free, gluten-free, decadent chocolate chip cake.  It won Recipe Rehab, too!


THIS IS NACHO DADDY’S NACHOS.  You can still enjoy this game day fave and keep the flavor without all the fat.  Mareya dresses it up with a super nutritious mango salsa.  YUM!


COLLEGE FOOD RE-EDUCATION.  Eating in college sometimes means “grab & go” and on a budget. Mareya has some substitutes that promise to be a whole lot healthier that are kind to your wallet.


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