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faqs - Eat Cleaner® Fruit & Vegetable Wash and Wipes

A Passion for a Healthy Lifestyle

What is Eat Cleaner?

EAT CLEANER is the only all-natural, tasteless and odorless food wash + wipes for produce, seafood and poultry that is lab proven to remove significantly more wax and residue from the surface of fresh food than water. EAT CLEANER has been tested by several independent third party labs to proven efficacy.  Additionally, EAT CLEANER helps inhibit food browning while prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce, saving consumers money.

I’ve never washed my food with anything other than water. Why do I need Eat Cleaner?

Most produce is waxed to withstand the average 1,500 mile journey and over 20 sets of hands from field to fork. Wax seals in pesticide residue and debris, which can not be removed with water. Pesticide exposure is linked to Autism, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and other autoimmune Diseases. There were 78 million reported cases of food borne illness and 5,000 deaths last year in the U.S. alone. We believe the time is ripe to Eat Cleaner. Those with weak systems, particularly infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly are sensitive to foodborne illness and pesticide exposure.

How does Eat Cleaner work?

EAT CLEANER products are formulated to strip away wax to thoroughly cleanse residues and dirt trapped under the surface. EAT CLEANER also removes surface debris from seafood and poultry and effectively cleans food preparation and cutting surfaces to help deter cross contamination. Statistics show about 80% of food borne illness is attributed to poor food handling practices. With daily food recalls and outbreaks, our mantra is Think Before You Bite. As parents and grandparents, the two set out to create a line of products that helps consumers put food safety into their own hands.

I’ve heard of produce washes. What makes Eat Cleaner different?

Eat Cleaner is a comprehensive line of patent pending food safety products, featuring a Wash + Dryer Kit System with a concentrate Fruit + Vegetable Wash and Scrub Brush, 8 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Spray, 8 oz. Seafood + Poultry Wash Spray, 6-Ct. Individually Wrapped Wipes in a Reusable Pouch and a 30-Ct. box of Individually Wrapped Wipes. It do not contain alcohol nor leave a flavor nor odor on produce and it has a low sudsing level, unlike the other brands. It also a lab tested, proven product that’s uniquely formulated to prolong shelf life and inhibit browning . It can be used directly on food, cutting surfaces, utensils and even hands. The ergonomically shaped bottles and attractive design encourage keeping the product within a hand’s reach of food preparation. Wipes are a convenient way to enjoy healthy snacking on the go.

Where is Eat Cleaner manufactured?

All Eat Cleaner formulations are made in Southern California in an FDA approved facility, supporting the local economy.

What is in Eat Cleaner?

The products feature a natural blend of plant-based ingredients, featuring Citric acid, which naturally occurs in most fruit and vegetables, along with Sodium Citrate, a Citric Acid salt, Calcium Ascorbate, an antioxidant that helps prolong shelf life, Sea Salt, a natural preservative and anti-bacterial, and Vegetable Glycerin.

When was Eat Cleaner founded and who founded it?

EAT CLEANER is a registered trademark of Grow Green Industries, INC. based in Orange County, California, and is privately owned. Grow Green Industries, INC, was founded in May, 2008. Eat Cleaner was officially launched in August, 2009. The company was founded by Mareya Ibrahim , a food marketing veteran and food safety advocate with her father Dr. Shawki Ibrahim, Colorado State University Emeritus Professor and Ph.D. in Environmental Science, M. in Agriculture, the formulator of the product line. Grow Green Industries, INC. is a minority and women business owned company.

I’ve been washing my food with water for years and I’ve never gotten sick. Why do I need Eat Cleaner?

You are one lucky duck! While you may have never gotten foodborne illness so many other people around us have. Plus, we know that water won’t remove most pesticides and waxes which can trap harmful substances. Why risk it? It’s a small step you can take for the safety and health of everyone you feed. It also helps clean cutting surfaces and keeps your food fresher longer – how versatile can you get?

Is Eat Cleaner safe to use for all ages?

Absolutely. Eat Cleaner uses a proprietary blend of all-natural, plant and citrus based ingredients that help cleanse food better than water, making it safe for everyone.

Are your products Eco-Friendly?

We’re proud to say we’re clean and green. Made with all-natural, Kosher certified ingredients, recyclable packaging, biodegradable wipes, BPA-free plastic and a thoughtful product line that helps you eat low on the food chain all contribute to our eco efforts.

Can I buy Eat Cleaner in stores?

Our products are available online and at select retailers. Click HERE for a complete list. If you love Eat Cleaner and you don’t see your local retailer, let them know you’d like to purchase our products from them.

Do you guarantee it will work?

We stand by our products 100% or your money back.

How do I use Eat Cleaner?

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