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Commercial produce wash and anti browning solutions

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The Safe, Healthy Solution for Kitchens, Schools and MORE

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eatSafe and eatFresh-FC are the latest innovations in food safety and shelf life extension from Grow Green Industries.  Rinsing with water alone isn’t enough.

eatSafe and eatFresh-FC are the all natural, organic and economical way to safer, cleaner, longer lasting produce that also reduces shrinkage.

Step 1:  CLEAN produce of wax, pesticide residue and dirt that can carry food borne bacteria while extending produce shelf life up to 200% longer with eatSafe 4x Produce Wash.  

Step 2: Prevent browning on cut produce with eatFresh-FC organic, Kosher certified powder 

• Effective, safe, lab proven solutions, made with FDA-approved GRAS ingredients

• Versatile, all natural solutions for produce washing, shelf life extension for prepared dips and salads and anti-browning for cut fruit in a 2-step process

• No custom equipment required

• Cost effective powder and liquid

• Patented formulations

• OMRI-listed and Kosher certified

• Made in the USA

• Winner of the World’s Best Technologies Gold Prize 2011

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Keep fruit and veggies from browning for up to 21 days!


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Clean produce of wax, pesticides


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The perfect solution for clean eating on the go!  The only biodegradable, food-grade wipe on the market. Eat Cleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wipes.



Watch how easy it is to use eatSafe 4x All Natural Produce Wash in Your School, Restaurant or Food Service Operation.

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